Our Services

We provide all our customers with a full clinical pharmacy service including prescription dispensing, interaction check, dose check and current medication review. Our  experienced pharmacists ensure that every patient gets the correct medicine at the correct dosage in the fastest time possible.

Here at Harrington’s Pharmacy we provide each patient with advice on all prescribed medicines ensuring that the patient is fully informed about any special directions for use of the medicine as well as any common severe side effects, adverse reactions or interactions and therapeutic contra-indications that may be encountered, including their avoidance and the action required should they occur. This advice may be given in private depending on the nature of the medicine or if the patient prefers it – we have a private consultation room available at all times.

We can hold your prescription securely on file for you. This enables you to telephone (or email) a request for your repeat prescription to be filled meaning your prescription is ready for you to collect when you want with no waiting time!!

We can blister pack your tablets into a weekly pill organizer that is convenient and safe and takes the hassle out of complicated drug regimes. This service is particularly useful for those who have to take a lot of tablets or have to take tablets several times a day. We do not charge for this service.

We offer women emergency hormonal contraception (commonly known as the morning-after pill) after consultation with one of our pharmacists.

Our trained pharmacists have the expertise required to review your asthma medication with you and have a 10 point inhaler checklist to check if you are using your inhaler correctly.

Smoking is the single biggest cause of ill-health and death in our society. Ireland’s 1 million smokers, their families and friends, and our health services all pay a huge price as a result of smoking. Worldwide, it is estimated that 5.5 million people die every year from tobacco related diseases.(source – www.quit.ie)

Here at Harrington’s Pharmacy our pharmacists are fully qualified and eager to help those who wish to ‘kick the habit’. They will offer encouragement and advice on Nicotine Replacement Therapy, or advice on the best treatment option for you to allow you to be successful in quitting smoking.

At Harrington’s Pharmacy we have developed an expertise in this area over the past few years. All our pharmacists are familiar with infertility medications and have undergone training in this area. We have a full range of fertility medications in stock that women may be prescribed when they are undergoing IUI (intra-uterine insemination) or IVF (in-vitro fertilization). All consultations for such medications take place in our specially designed private consultation room and we also give emergency contact information to these patients who may require out-of-hours services.

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, the advice available can sometimes be confusing depending on the source of such advice. Here at Harrington’s our pharmacists can offer mums (or dads) independent medical advice on bottle or breastfeeding or other common childhood ailments.

Here at Harrington’s we provide a private measuring service for patients who require compression stockings due to varicose veins, legs ulcers, pregnancy, etc. We advise that you attend for an appointment as early as possible in the day so that the measurement may be taken before any swelling that may build up during the day occurs. All our compression stockings are ordered based on the individual’s measurements and in most cases are available to collect in-store within 48 hours.

In addition we stock

Aveeno skincare products
La Roche-Posay
Broad range of First Aid supplies
Full range of Dental Care products
Catrice Cosmetics
All OTC medicines
Large range of Vitamins